Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Between Safa and Marwa

Oh my mother Hagar!
The wife of Ibrahim
Running and searching to fed your dying babe
In distress
Running out of breathe
Feeling helpless
And feeling weak

Taking your faith to every mountain
In search of water for your boy
Your dying boy
Oh how the angel took pity on you
Striking the ground and causing water to flow

Fed your babe
All alone in the desert
Wasting away

But it was not the wish of your husband
To cause you such cruelty
He could not even turn back to you
As you pleaded for a reason
His heart was soft
But their was someone he loved more then you
For Allah?, you asked
And he said yes

For Ibrahim loved unconditionally
More then anyone in the world
The one who created the heavens and earth

When Allah spoke to him, he listened
He tested repeatedly his most faithful servant
And in turn Ibrahim is a friend to Allah

And now my mother
We run like you run
Retracing your steps
Not with a babe in our arms
But with our hearts filled

Asking for mercy
Praying that a mere ritual
Will grant us a place in paradise

But for you Hagar, my sweet mother
My faithful mother
I pray for you, a place beside your husband
Where you'll wear gold and never be cold
And never have to run again

[Narrated 'Asim bin Sulaiman (Radi-Allahu 'anhu): I asked Anas bin Malik about Safa and Marwa. Anas replied, "We used to consider (i.e. going around) them a custom of the Pre-islamic period of Ignorance, so when Islam came, we gave up going around them. Then Allah revealed" "Verily, Safa and Marwa (i.e. two mountains at Makkah) are among the Symbols of Allah. So it is not harmful of those who perform the Hajj of the House (of Allah) or perform the 'Umra to ambulate (Tawaf) between them." (2.158) Bukhari Vol. 6 : No. 23

Poetry : Nuriddeen bint Yusuf

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